5 Jul 24

On the 14th June, our Olympic selection was finally known. As a whole squad, we had agreed on a time for the selection email to come out. I spent my morning taking the dog out for a very long walk, as the minutes counted down to midday! Relief, excitement and pure pride were my main emotions when I saw my name on the team sheet. As a young avid sports player, I had watched every single Olympics, both summer and winter, and dreamt of the moment I could one day be a part of Team GB.

Words cannot describe just how honoured I am to be a part of such a special team. I called my parents immediately to tell them the news! Along with my siblings, they are just about the only ones who have been on this whole journey with me. Without the support around me, I would never have made it here today. Sport can bring so many highs but also many lows, and I think all of those emotions from over the years came out that day! 


As cliche as it sounds, the journey really is the most important part of being an athlete, as you never know what is around the corner. Whilst this next period of my career is set to be a real high, I do feel extremely grateful to have had immeasurable support from my family, friends and Onside over the past few years. 


A few days later, we headed up to the NEC in Birmingham to attend the Team GB kitting out. We tried on about 30 different outfits, laughed a lot (at each other!), did our media duties and played some games for TikTok. Another surreal but incredible day. I returned home with quite a large amount of kit, that is currently sat waiting in the corner of my room until we head out to Paris! 


We have just returned home from a week in the Netherlands where we completed our Pro league for the 2023/24 season. A mixture of 12 games in  4 weeks in our legs, and trying to put together some final parts to our game, our results were mixed. However, we took numerous steps forward. With just 20 days to go until the start of the games, we are about to enter our final weeks of training at Bisham Abbey, before taking the Eurostar across the channel! 

Flora Peel